“I want you to remember, I want to be like a photograph. Memorable. I don’t want you to forget, this is your life to live..”

These are lyrics from the upcoming Your Own Medicine single, “Regenerate”. These words that were birthed inside the mind of the band’s eclectic front man, Michael Kellogg, encapsulate the pure essence of Your Own Medicine’s mission: To create the soundtrack to living your life to the fullest and creating the best memories you can. It is essentially a song about growing and expanding and Your Own Medicine has been doing just that over their 9 year reign over the Denver, Colorado rock scene.

The band has been reformed and refined over the years, continually evolving since the 2014 Full Length release, “Waiting To Fall”. This album was built upon the Pop Punk and Rock foundations of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, and Finch and quickly gained a large cult following among the Denver scene with the singles “First Time”, “Tight Rope” and “One Man Show”. The latter of which was made into a fully produced Music Video as a result of the band winning the Big Break competition in the same year.

Your Own Medicine continued to evolve their sound in later years by bringing guitarist, Emerson Willis’ creativity and personal sonic touch to the mix along side of Bassist, Carlos Martin’s captivating, dance-inducing bass lines. The current line up was completed in September 2016 when Bo Burbank’s diverse and intense style of drumming was brought on board. With this powerhouse lineup of musicians backing Michael Kellogg’s incredible songwriting and ability to create expansive lyrics, the band has proven time and time again to be titans in their genre.

Over the past few years, Your Own Medicine has been consistently playing packed events throughout Colorado and surrounding states including festival spots at Brew Fest Under The Stars (Colorado Springs, CO) and The Carnation Festival (Wheat Ridge, CO). They have opened for national acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Puddle Of Mudd, CrazyTown, Bobbyrock, Sponge, and Filter. In February 2019 they released a well received cover song and video of Imagine Dragon’s “Whatever It Takes” and are set to release their 2nd full length album in the coming months.

Your Own Medicine is here and ready to take on the world with a refreshing new sound that is guaranteed to make you live. They are ready to be something that you will always remember. Ready to be like a photograph. Ready to be memorable. Are you?


Vocals, Guitar / Michael Kellogg
Guitar / Emerson Willis
Bass / Carlos Martin
Drums / Bo Burbank






Waiting to Fall

by Your Own Medicine